Now i am going to blow your mind. EVERYTHING in the video above is Computer generated. There is not 1 second of video footage.

3D Rendering Service in all its glory is after all a creative process. It can be compared to taking photographs or camerawork since you are working with light, setting up a scene and creating images, just enhanced. It is not exactly like the clicking pictures using a phone or a camera, but the process is complex as everything has to be re-created on a computer, step by step. This may seem like hard work, but this process permits absolute creative control of everything in the scene, and how it is illustrated.

The 3D data represented perhaps is a scene containing symmetrical mock-ups of diverse entities such as constructions, sceneries, and animated things – professionals working on this software need to generate everything beforehand so the Rendering is followed closely by.

What happens next is an addition and the manipulation of light, shadow, color, texture, and optical properties done in such a way that they appear realistic.